Goal #8: Save $10,000.

Goal #8: Save $10,000.

Accomplished! Pretty self-explanatory. I’m aiming for $15,000 next, even though it’s not on the list. I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon, since I still have to pay the bills for my Paris trip, I’ll be going back to school, and we’re heading into the slow season at work, but maybe Goal #52: Create a budget and track spending will help.

Earlier accomplished goals:

  1. Make simple syrup. (2/21/2012)
  2. Lose three inches off waist/hips. (4/28/2012)
  3. Run with somebody else. (6/8/2012)
  4. Figure out what you would like to go back to school for. (7/1/2012)
  5. Do bicep curls with 25-pound dumbbells. (7/12/2012)
  6. Learn basic French. (9/27/2012)
  7. Save $10,000. (10/1/2012)