Pizza Project Numero Dos

Goal #11: Get really good at making pizza.

Last week, we decided to go with a white pizza, which meant we needed a different crust. Last week’s was okay, but we a) didn’t follow the directions exactly, b) we cooked it a little too much and (I think) c) we rolled it a little too thin, so it ended up a little crispier than we wanted. With a white pizza, there would be no sauce to disguise any mistakes, so we had to get it right. This week’s crust turned out absolutely perfect: thin, but not too thin, and the flavor complemented the toppings perfectly. We used mostly mozzarella with a sprinkling of fontina for the cheese, and on top we layered sauteed onions and mushrooms with some veggie sausage. Amazing–I just wish we had more leftovers.


Pizza Project #1: Margherita