Apple Cider Margaritas

Goal #53: Mix 40 new cocktails.

Note: This means pre-existing cocktails but new to me. Also,  if I’ve drank it before but haven’t made it myself, it counts.

For cocktail #25, I decided to go with this apple cider margarita recipe.  I bookmarked it several months ago with the intention of making it, but it hasn’t exactly been seasonally appropriate . . . until now. Unfortunately, I have no Grand Marnier, so I decided to swap in orange curacao. That was a mistake. This recipe is sweet sweet sweet, too sugary for even my sweet tooth, and I’m not sure that even with the Grand Marnier it would have worked. This drink needs something sour in it to cut through the sugar–you know that old rhyme about one part sour, two parts sweet, three parts strong and four parts weak? This is just sweet, sweet, strong and weak. Some alterations I might make next time:

  • Not so much cider. With 5-6 ounces, the cider overwhelms the rest of the flavors. The drink either needs less cider (something close to 4 oz. might do the trick) or more tequila (which I’m always in favor of).
  • Cointreau instead of orange curacao for a little bit less sweetness.
  • A little lime tossed in with the oranges at the beginning.

In short, good idea, but the execution needs a little tweaking.

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  2. Blue Hawaii
  3. Castaway
  4. Eastern Sour
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  6. Blue Reef
  7. Planter’s Punch
  8. Harvey Wallbanger
  9. Brandy Alexander
  10. Mint Julep
  11. Trade Wind Cocktail
  12. Coronado Luau Special
  13. Mojito
  14. Captain’s Grog
  15. Lava Flow
  16. Shrunken Skull
  17. Singapore Sling
  18. Blue Hawaiian
  19. Navy Grog
  20. Don’s Own Planter’s
  21. Doctor Cocktail
  22. Pegu Club
  23. Curacao Punch
  24. Hot Toddy
  25. Apple Cider Margarita